Introducing: Explore

With the launch of Decent Protocol, we enabled creators to build their micro-economies with tools that are simpler, more flexible, and highly customizable.

Over the last three months, more than 850 projects have been deployed through Creator HQ and the protocol. Today, we are thrilled to unveil an Explore page for collectors and curious individuals to dive into these amazing releases from a diverse range of creators building with Decent!

Enter the Decent Ecosystem

Creator HQ was built to aggregate activity and help creators and collectors navigate it effectively. Via the new Explore page, users can now browse through all releases deployed through Creator HQ in one hub.

Releases can be filtered by fields such as contract type, media type, blockchain, and mint status. Collectors can also search for releases directly by name or the creator’s ENS name.

Creator Verification

To reintroduce light curation to the Decent platform and help collectors navigate the ecosystem, our team will be manually verifying select creators using Decent in their builds. Collectors will be able to filter for verified artists, however this will have no effect on how unverified creators are displayed on the platform.

The goal of verification on Decent is to discourage the creation of copy-cat accounts and ensure collectors are supporting legitimate creators posting original content. While we understand that this process has the externality of attributing status, we will be doing our best to ensure that this is executed as fair and transparent as possible. The verification process will continue to evolve over time; creators wishing to be verified on Decent can submit through this form and our team will respond as soon as possible.

On the Horizon

At Decent, we are forever in a state of motion. We welcome any feedback from creators and collectors as we work to provide a discoverability tool that helps ALL creators using Decent.

Expect some exciting updates to Explore and the Decent platform as a whole in the coming weeks.

As always, happy building!

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