Creating Custom Collection Pages

Through the Decent Protocol, creators have access to a world of possibilities surrounding what they can build on the blockchain. With so many options it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but don’t fret; we’re breaking down the many ways creators can tap into the Decent Protocol to amplify their web3 projects.

While Creator HQ automatically generates collection pages for contracts deployed through the app, many creators wish to bring their own spin to their collectors’ experience. NFTs aren’t one size fits all, and we built the Decent Protocol with customization in mind. Creating a custom mint page can sound complicated, but through the Decent Protocol any team with a beginner developer can deploy their contract* and build their own mint page in as little as 10 minutes!

*note: this process currently applies to Editions contracts only

Creating Custom Collection Pages:

  1. Deploy your Editions contract in Creator HQ

  2. Fork this repository on GitHub

  3. Update the contract addresses, prices, and chains to match your deployed contract

  4. Update the content on the site to fit the needs of your release

    1. Replace images in the repository with your own, add stylistic elements, etc.

You can follow along in a step-by-step video here.

This low-code approach is the fastest way for even novice developers to get up and running with highly customizable minting pages. If you’re a non-technical creator, you can join the dev-collab channel in our Discord to find dozens of developers waiting to help you out. We’re are eager to create connections between artists and developers to build more innovative NFT projects!

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