Decent Deep Dives: Livestream Minting with the402 and X&ND
November 29th, 2022

What happens when you mix the crypto-enabled livestreaming functionality created by the402 and the modular utility features of the Decent Protocol? An interactive live minting experience that engages communities in a way web3 has never seen before.

At Decent, we believe in pushing the boundaries of possibility to ideate and build new applications that elevate the creator experience in web3. When synth pop R&B creator X&ND approached us with an idea — in-chat minting during a livestream performance hosted by the402 — it was just the kind of out-of-the-box idea we knew we wanted to be involved in.

“Beg For It” was minted through Creator HQ using Decent’s upgraded Editions contract, allowing X&ND to open up presale access to current XANDYLAND community members and holders prior to the general sale of the track. By integrating that contract into the402 via custom mint button, collectors simply had to type “mint” in the stream’s chat box to toggle the collection flow mid-performance without having to leave the stream. Over the duration of the live streamed drop party, 20 editions of “Beg For It” were minted through the integration.

“I think collaboration between web3 creator tools moves the space forward in a genuine way. The more collaborations that take place, the closer we get to completely revolutionizing the music experience,” notes X&ND. “Making the drop party engaging and seamless while also owning the contract and managing terms of the drop not only pushes the bounds of what is possible technically, but promotes artist sovereignty and instills anticipation within the artists community as they ask “what experience are they going to craft next?””

We’re excited to continue building alongside talented individuals and teams to bring new ways of approaching web3 releases to creators so they can bring their visions to life.

Artists interested in getting on to the402 can reach out to them via Twitter DM, and creators ready to begin building their own unique releases can get started in Creator HQ!

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