Powered by the Decent Protocol

At Decent, we believe that there is an artist in everyone.

From a melody to a line of code, these contributions are the foundation of an ever-growing digital creator ecosystem. Since our inception, the Decent team has worked to build ways for artists to amplify their creativity on-chain through streamlined tools that take the complication out of decentralization. 

Today, we’re proud to present a new Decent powered by the Decent Protocol.

The Decent Protocol is a toolkit developed for artists to build on-chain through new contracts that capture value, encourage community growth, and incentivize collector engagement. The Protocol is the result of a year full of community listening and collaboration with artists at the forefront of web3 innovation, and unites existing Decent contracts with new value-capturing functions that are unique to our Protocol. 

Building on-chain shouldn’t be complicated, and every artist deserves access to tools that allow them to decentralize their creativity without developer assistance or a need to learn code. That’s why we built Creator HQ - an all-in-one interface that streamlines building on-chain with tools to easily deploy smart contracts and manage their activity post-mint. The first application built on the Decent Protocol enables artists to create new projects in minutes through no-code contract modules, add new functionality to existing contracts, and keep track of their live projects built on the Protocol.

Read on to learn more.

Create with composability

Maximize the potential of your creations through Decent’s modular smart contracts that seamlessly integrate wherever you build on-chain. The Decent Protocol’s composable nature offers shared functionality across web3 applications and provides the foundation for artists to unlock additional value with their contracts. Prioritizing composability enables users to do more with less, leading to more rapid and compounding innovation.

Tap into the best of every chain

Why limit your creativity to just one chain? Use the Decent Protocol to leverage what each chain does best. For example, conduct transactions and store metadata on layer two chains for lower gas fees while housing the underlying contracts on Ethereum for enhanced security. Cross-chain functionality enables Decent to put more on the blockchain so you can trustlessly rely on our building blocks in your applications.

Build with unique smart contracts

Increase the capabilities of your on-chain creations using Decent modules that have been proven successful in capturing more dynamic value for artists. With modules like Crescendo, Rentable NFTs, Staking, and Treasury-Backed NFTs, artists can add pricing and post-mint engagement functionality that works with the flow of the market and the growth of their community. All Decent modules natively support the ability to split proceeds and creator attribution, offering a seamless, low-cost way to collaborate in web3.

Amplify your artistry with ease

Artists can access the Decent Protocol through gas-optimized functions that take the complication and expense out of building on-chain. Creators can access the Protocol through the no-code Creator HQ, which enables artists to build with ease via a modular interface, as well as through basic JavaScript functions in our SDK. The Decent Protocol also supports minting multiple contracts at once and deployment to all EVM-compatible chains, saving creators time and gas expenses.

Closing thoughts

With this new iteration of Decent, our mission is to enable the artist in everyone to bring their creations on-chain through simplified tools that produce limitless results. The Decent Protocol will continue to grow stronger as our community builds alongside us, and we can’t wait to test the limits of what can be achieved on-chain with you.

It’s time to amplify your artistry. Welcome to Decent.

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