Editions & Rentable NFTs Get an Upgrade
November 18th, 2022

Decent’s Editions and Rentable NFTs modules have gotten a shiny new upgrade!

We took the best-in-class ERC721A contract standard and improved it even further, enabling creators to add even more features to their projects and engage their communities:


Reward your community with airdrops! Creators can now easily mint a batch of tokens to their wallet, which can be transferred to selected wallet addresses.

Adjustable Cap

Want to open up your community? Use the adjustable cap to add more tokens to existing collections without having to create a new contract and allow new collectors to join.

Allowlisting for Presales

Wanting to add some exclusivity to your project? Set up a presale for loyal community members to access your drop before everyone else. Creators also have the ability to set the quantity of claims per address and adjust price point for presale collectors.

Timed Releases

Not ready to go live just yet? Set the start and end dates of your mint to your release schedule!

Token-gated Minting

Give holders of a specific token exclusive access to mint your work, rewarding them for their support of your projects!

Support for EIP 5553

We merged our first independent PR to the Decent Protocol by Roy Osherove.  Roy added basic support for a new field inside metadata structure called "parentIP" which is optional but would allow pointing to a parent musical IP on chain as described in the EIP he authored, 5553.

These new features join the already robust selection of additional features built into v1 of the Editions and Rentable NFTs contracts – contributor splits, creator royalties, multi-contract deployment, and more.

These feature upgrades are live in the Decent SDK, and will be brought to the Creator HQ in the coming weeks.

Happy minting!

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