Unlock the Entire Decent Ecosystem

At Decent, we believe that the value of NFTs expands far beyond digital collectibles. We’re building for a future where they are the bedrock for entire web3 applications and ecosystems.

Last week we launched our new Explore page, which aggregated all NFTs created through Creator HQ and enabled collectors to explore Decent contracts across all blockchains and release types. This was an exciting step for our team, but it wasn’t the finish line. What good is an ecosystem when it is confined to the walls of our platform?

Since October, creators and developers across web3 have crafted wildly innovative applications built upon our protocol. From NFTs, to DAOs, to entire applications, those building with Decent are pushing the limits of what can be achieved on-chain and driving the direction of a creator economy. This is why we’re expanding our Explore page to host not just contracts created through the Decent platform, but all projects utilizing our protocol.

Web3 releases created with Decent
Web3 releases created with Decent

Whether your project was created solely with Decent or includes us in your build, we are proud to showcase the different ways that creators are utilizing our no- and low-code tools and developer templates to customize their web3 releases. Creators can link their pages on platforms like Bonfire and the402, website builders such as Squarespace or Wix, or their own custom mint pages via the admin panel in Creator HQ by updating their metadata to include their own external URL.

Update the external URL in the metadata fields on your contract
Update the external URL in the metadata fields on your contract

Through collaboration, experimentation, and innovation, we are confident that the future of web3 will be a thriving ecosystem powered by creators.

All that’s left to do is dive in.

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