Create & Tokenize AI-Generated Art with Decent x DALL·E 2
November 15th, 2022

To continue demonstrating applications for the Decent Protocol, we are excited to reveal Decent x DALL·E 2.

This new application to integrates DALL·E 2's innovative AI technology with the Decent Creator HQ’s seamless minting functionality. Creators simply insert their desired prompt to generate their own AI image, fill out the required minting fields, and deploy their contract!

This build marks an exciting step for the Decent team as we work to collaborate with technology that enhances the creator experience in web3. AI and open-source software go hand-in-hand as they fundamentally improve with continued use, and allow creators to build their own artwork without a need for graphic design expertise.

Ready to start experimenting with AI? Head over to

Developers interested in checking out the repo and contributing to the Protocol can do so at 

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